Public deliverables

This page contains all deliverables published so far in the DREAM project, ordered by work packages. All deliverables are available on demand. Please contact us if interested.

Work Package 1
D1.1: Publication (ICDL-EpiRob)
D1.2: DREAM module WP1 (motivation engine), M24, source on github
D1.3: Publication (BICA journal publication, Elsevier), M24
D1.4: Publication, M36,(Paper submitted to Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering)
Work Package 2
D2.1: Publication (Neural Networks), M12
D2.2: DREAM module WP2 (saliency learning), M24. 
D2.3: Publication (IEEE-TCDS), M24
D2.4: Publication (CVPR16 paper), M36
D2.X: State representation learning tookbox. Source on github (this not an official deliverable, but provided as complementary resource)
Work Package 3
D3.1: DREAM module (Cross-task skill transfer). source on github
D3.2: Publication (GECCO workshop paper), M24 
D3.3: Publication (IJCAI), M36. Link to PDF
D3.4: Publication (IJNS PAPER), M48. Link to PDF
Work Package 4
D4.1: DREAM module (Thymio module), M24. link to PDF
D4.2: Publication, M24 (EvoApplications), link to PDF
D4.3: Publication, M36 (ECAL), link to PDF
D4.4: Publication, M48 (SSCI ICES), link to PDF
Work Package 5
D5.1: Publications, M24. Link to PDF
D5.2: Publication (Journal Neurophysiology), M36. Link to PDF.
D5.3: Publication, M48.
Work Package 6
D6.1: Experimental_protocol (M6)
D6.2: CAFER Release (M12). source on github
D6.3: DREAM v1 (M24): source on github
D6.4: description of complete DREAM demo (M42). Link to PDF
D6.5: publication (Frontiers in AI and robotics), M48. Link to PDF
Work Package 7
D7.1: DREAM website (M6)
D7.2: Data management plan (M6)
D7.3: Data management plan (M30)
D7.4: Data management plan (M48)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 640891 (DREAM project)


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